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NVISION® Surgeons

NVISION® Eye Centers has some of the most experienced, educated, and caring surgeons in the eye care industry. Many have directly participated in the development of the advanced lasers, techniques, and procedures we feature today at NVISION®—and all are involved in charitable works around the world.

Tom Tooma M.D., Founder/Medical Director head shot
Tom Tooma M.D., Founder/Medical Director
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George Baerveldt M.D. head shot
George Baerveldt M.D.
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Amarpreet Brar M.D. head shot
Amarpreet Brar M.D.
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Richard Burns M.D. head shot
Richard Burns M.D.
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Paul Casey M.D. head shot
Paul Casey M.D.
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Glenn Cook M.D., PhD. head shot
Glenn Cook M.D., PhD.
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H. Douglas Cooper, M.D. head shot
H. Douglas Cooper, M.D.
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John Davidson M.D. head shot
John Davidson M.D.
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James W. Donovan M.D. head shot
James W. Donovan M.D.
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Lee R. Katzman, M.D. head shot
Lee R. Katzman, M.D.
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Loren E. Little M.D., F.A.C.S. head shot
Loren E. Little M.D., F.A.C.S.
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Franklin Lusby M.D. head shot
Franklin Lusby M.D.
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Richard Meister M.D. head shot
Richard Meister M.D.
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Neda Nikpoor, M.D. head shot
Neda Nikpoor, M.D.
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Max Parikh M.D. head shot
Max Parikh M.D.
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Stewart Park M.D., F.A.C.S. head shot
Stewart Park M.D., F.A.C.S.
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Jonathan Pirnazar M.D. head shot
Jonathan Pirnazar M.D.
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Duna Raoof M.D. head shot
Duna Raoof M.D.
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Sheri Rowen M.D. head shot
Sheri Rowen M.D.
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Philip Smith M.D. head shot
Philip Smith M.D.
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Stanley Teplick M.D. head shot
Stanley Teplick M.D.
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Jon-Marc Weston M.D. head shot
Jon-Marc Weston M.D.
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Dagny Zhu MD head shot
Dagny Zhu MD
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