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Relief For Dry Eyes

Dry eye is an irritating, painful, and common condition in which the eye fails to properly produce quality tears. If left untreated, it may lead to ulcers, scars on the cornea, even impairment of vision. NVISION® provides a variety of treatment options to relieve dry eyes.

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Condition Treated
  • One of the most common eye conditions treated by physicians, dry eye is an irritating and sometimes painful condition in which the eye fails to properly produce enough quality tears.


Depending on the details and severity of your condition, NVISION® offers a number of treatment options for dry eye. We’ll help determine the best procedure for your individual needs.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for more serious or chronic cases of dry eyes may include the following:

  • Heat Therapy
    Often, dry eyes can be treated by introducing localized heat therapy to the eye lids and can help overcome meibohmian gland dysfunction (MGD).
  • Steroid Eye Drops
    These eye drops target inflammation, a significant contributing factor to dry eyes. These are usually used on a short-term basis since long-term use can result in more serious side effects.
  • Allergy Medication
    If you have regular allergies, your doctor may put you on regular allergy medication to control your symptoms. This can reduce the severity and frequency of your dry eyes. Antihistamine eye drops may also be an option.
  • Punctal Plugs
    Through this surgery, small devices are inserted into the tear drainage duct openings. These openings are found inside the corners of both the upper and lower eyelids. Once these openings are plugged, tears can’t drain there, resulting in more tears in the eyes.

Common Questions About Dry Eye
  • People who suffer from dry eye often include those who:

    • Wear contact lenses, especially for prolonged periods of time
    • Are taking medications such as antihistamines or birth control pills
    • Are over 50, especially women going through menopause
    • Have specific diseases such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and collagen vascular disease
    • Have eyelids that don’t close properly due to structural abnormalities
    • Live in dry climates

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