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Colonial Life Vision Insurance: Plans, Coverage & Costs

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Colonial Life’s vision package is fairly basic, although how cost-effective it may be is difficult to determine, as there is very little information about cost on their website. Before signing up for Colonial Life’s dental and vision plan, find out exactly how much it costs and compare it to other options available to you.

Vision Insurance Plans Offered

Colonial Life appears to offer vision coverage only as a supplemental dental and vision package that can voluntarily be added to one’s insurance package. This vision coverage is fairly basic, with this supplemental package seeming to focus mostly on dental coverage, with the optional vision coverage mentioned near the end of the relevant page.

What Does It Cover?

Colonial Life’s vision insurance allows you to get regular eye exams and materials, such as frames and lenses from in-network providers. It covers both eyeglasses and contact lenses. Colonial Life notes that you can get an eye exam from one provider and your eyewear from another, which is fairly standard. 

While it’s important to read your relevant explanation of benefits for any insurance you have, this insurance will typically cover an exam and eyewear materials once every 12 months. Colonial Life offers several convenient ways to talk with a benefits counselor, a professional who can help explain your benefits and how to get the most out of them.

LASIK & Refractive Surgery Coverage

Colonial Life seems to make no mention of any LASIK or similar procedure coverage on their site related to their plans. In our research, there was occasional mention of a WellCard, a type of discount card, one could get through working with Colonial Life that may have offered such discounts, but these references seem outdated, and none of them could be found on Colonial Life’s actual site. 

With that said, it is worth bringing up if any of these discounts are available with a benefits counselor.


Dental and vision insurance through Colonial Life is employee-paid, meaning that while your health plan is provided through your employer, you need to pay for this supplemental package. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way on their site to check exactly how much this will cost. You will likely need to speak with your employer and Colonial Life about how to add this package to your plan and what it will cost.

The routine eye exam and eyewear provided every 12 months are included in your plan. Although we couldn’t find a reference to the maximum cost of eyewear, it is likely there is a limit. Many companies offer an eyewear budget of about $200, although you should speak with your benefits counselor about your exact limit.


Eligibility seems simple, requiring that you have an employer-provided Colonial Life health insurance plan. If you have such a plan, talk to your employer about adding a dental and vision package to get more information about how to do so, or contact Colonial Life directly.


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