AIG Group Vision Insurance offers consumers options through the EyeMed Vision Care Network.

The EyeMed Vision Care Network consists of more than 30,000 providers across the nation. Some of the bigger names include LensCrafters, Target Optical, and most Sears Optical and Pearle Vision locations.

Insurance Plans Offered With AIG

AIG Group Vision Insurance is offered by employers to employees as part of a group plan. Employers have the choice of flexible plan options, such as employer-funded and employee paid plans, which both include affordable premiums.

There are three different plans to choose from:

  • EyeMed Healthy: This is a basic plan that includes an annual eye exam as well as discounts on eyeglasses and contact lenses. 
  • EyeMed Bold: This plan is defined as “essential coverage,” so you are covered for vision care and corrective lenses. You’ll have a set amount that is covered for frames and contact lenses. You’ll also have a covered allowance for glasses lenses with an applicable copay.
  • EyeMed Bright: This plan is designed to offer more extensive coverage.

What Does AIG Vision Insurance Cover?

In-Network (Covered Provider) Out-of-Network (Non-Covered Provider)
Exams (dilation as needed) $10 copayment $40 compensation 
Number of Exams Standard annual (once a year) Same 
Frames No copayment, $130 permitted amount, 20% off total over $130 $45 compensation
Standard Plastic Lenses  $20 copayment for single, bifocal, and trifocal
  • Single vision: $40 compensation
  • Bifocal: $60 compensation
  • Trifocal: $80 compensation
Lens Amount Standard Annual (once a year) Same 
Other Lens Options with Network Discounts Individuals must pay:

  • Tint (solid and gradient): $15
  • Add on to bifocal: $65
  • Premium add on to bifocal: $65 plus 80% of total, less than $120 permitted amount
  • Polycarbonate: $40
  • Scratch proof: $15
  • Anti-reflective: $45
  • UV coating: $15
Not applicable
Contact Lenses (fit, follow-up, and materials)
  • Standard: No copayment, $105 permitted amount, $15 off if total is over $105
  • Disposable: No copayment, $105 amount permitted, $15 off if total is over $105
  • Medically required: No copayment, balance paid in full
Optional: $80 compensation

Medically required: Paid in full 

Laser Vision Correction 15% off retail price or 5% off the promotional cost from U.S. Laser Network Not applicable
Other Services, Materials, and Extra Features 20% off extra services and materials, such as cleaning solutions, cleaning cloths, glass lenses, and sunglasses (does not include contacts or doctor’s services) Not applicable
Secondary Discounts Any extra discounts up to 40% off a pair of eyeglasses and 15% off standard contact lenses once covered benefits have been utilized Not applicable

LASIK & Refractive Surgery Coverage

Insurance plans usually don’t cover the cost of LASIK due to it being a voluntary procedure. AIG vision insurance has exclusions or limitations on medical and/or surgical treatment of the eye, eyes, or supporting structures.

Contact AIG for the specifics on your plan’s coverage. Most often, you can enjoy a discount on LASIK from specific surgeons who are part of the program.

Costs of AIG Vision Insurance

Since AIG vision insurance is offered through EyeMed, the costs vary according to the specific plan tier chosen:

  • EyeMed Healthy: Starts at $5 a month
  • EyeMed Bold: Starts at $17.50 a month
  • EyeMed Bright: Starts at $30 a month

Keep in mind that these are only starting costs. EyeMed will determine your exact price by considering certain factors, such as these:

  • Your location
  • When you would like your coverage to start
  • Who needs the coverage (just you or if you need to add a spouse and/or children

You can get a quote by reaching out to them via their website.


To be eligible for AIG vision insurance, the following criteria must be met:

  • The employee must be actively working for at least 20 to 30 hours per week as stated by the employer.
  • Dependents can only include a spouse, children ages 3 to 19, or full-time students up to age 23.

For more information on how to sign up with AIG Group Vision Insurance, reach out to your employer’s HR contact or visit AIG’s site.


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