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Vision Insurance Providers in Texas

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If you’re in the market for quality vision insurance in Texas, you have several solid options to choose from.

While medical and dental tend to take the lion’s share of attention, vision insurance is incredibly important to ensuring overall eye health and vision. Various eye conditions can be better managed and treated if diagnosed early, and regular vision and eye exams are crucial to that process. Vision insurance in Texas is even more important for Texans who do not have the ability to see clearly without the aid of glasses, contact lenses, or other means that result in vision improvement.

Where to Get Vision Insurance in Texas

Those searching for viable vision insurance in Texas have several options to choose from, including UnitedHealthcare, VSP, Humana, EyeMed, Davis Vision, and others.


VSP provides access to a large network of independent specialists. VSP provides affordable plans that include comprehensive annual exams. Plans for individuals start at $13 a month. 

Members also get a complimentary 1-year warranty for featured frames. VSP’s Standard Plan provides a $150 allowance for contact lenses or frames, and they offer open enrollment throughout the year.


UnitedHealthcare is known for its large suite of products. This insurance provider has been around for over 40 years, so they have a good reputation. They are also experienced in helping individuals with Medicare.

Basic plans start at $11. Members have to choose between either contact lenses or glasses for their covered corrective lenses benefit. However, they offer a Plan B that covers both contact lenses as well as glasses. Plan B starts at $15.

Both plans have a $10 copay as well as a $150 frame allowance. UnitedHealthcare also covers scratch-resistant coating for eyeglasses that are bought through its provider network. Laser surgery is also offered at a discount price under this coverage.


Humana provides a streamlined billing process and specializes in Medicare Advantage nationwide. Partnered with EyeMed, Humana provides single plans priced at $16 per person. 

Humana has a vast network consisting of 65,000 providers. They offer discounts for scratch resistant coating, tinted lenses, and UV coating.


EyeMed provides a large network of resources and has partnerships with LensCrafters and Pearle Vision. Vision insurance starts at $5 a month, and the highest priced plan is priced at around $30 monthly. 

EyeMed members receive discounts of up to 72% off retail price when it comes to glasses as well as eye exams performed by in-network doctors.

Plans generally include 40% off additional pairs of glasses, 20% off all non-prescription glasses, and up to 20% off anything above your standard frame allowance. 

Davis Vision

Davis Vision offers a wide variety of paid-in-full lenses and provides a large network of private practice providers as well as national retailers. Their Designer Plan gives members 100% coverage on their annual eye exams as well as a 1-year breakage warranty for lenses and frames.

Davis Vision plans offer up to $130 in a frame allowance for in-network providers as well as $180 for connected Visionworks locations.

Does Vision Insurance Cover LASIK?

Vision insurance generally does not cover LASIK procedures or refractive surgery, but many plans offer sizable discounts to policyholders. Some providers give discounted rates of up to $1,000 per eye for those who qualify.

Medicare or Medicaid Coverage

Medicare and Medicaid generally pay for contact lenses or eyeglasses as long as the supplier is enrolled in Medicare. Plans usually do not cover the cost of eye exams, eyeglasses, or contact lenses. While original Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover routine eye exams, Medicare Advantage plans do.

There are also options available for vision coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) for those who have vision impairments. Those who are interested can use the federal health insurance marketplace (HealthCare.gov) to research and compare vision plans available in your state as well as process your enrollment.

Plan Comparison

Here is how different plans compare:

VSP$13 $150 allowance for contacts and framesYear-round enrollment
United HealthcarePlan A: $11Plan B: $15$10 copay/$150 allowance for contacts and framesAny age covered
Humana$16$25 copay/$150 frame allowanceAny age covered
EyeMed$5 – $30$10–$25 copay/$100 frame allowanceAny age covered
Davis Vision$10-$35$10–$25 copayAny age covered

What Else Is Covered?

In addition to discounts for LASIK and other refractive surgeries, many vision insurance plans provide discounts for additional pairs of eyeglasses as well as disposable contact lenses. 

Confirm your provider exactly what is covered before signing up. This ensures you have the coverage level you need and that you maximize your use of benefits once you have the plan.


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