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Vision Insurance Providers in Utah

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Vision insurance providers in Utah include VSP, EyeMed, UnitedHealthcare, and Davis Vision, among other options. Plans can be priced as low as $5 per month or as high as $30 per month. Coverage levels vary according to the plan chosen.

Where to Get Vision Insurance in Utah

Viable vision insurance in Utah is easy to acquire. Some plans are offered through employers, whereas other providers offer individual and family plans. 

Here is a breakdown of different offerings in Utah: 


UnitedHealthcare’s basic vision care plan starts at $11 per month. Members enjoy an annual eye exam and coverage for corrective lenses, though they will have to select between contact lenses and glasses. 

UnitedHealthcare offers a Plan B, which covers both glasses and contact lenses. This plan starts at $15 per month.

Most often, the copay for policyholders will be $10. Members receive a $150 frame allowance for glasses. UnitedHealthcare provides additional coverage for scratch-resistant coating for eyeglasses as long as the glasses are purchased through its provider network. 

UnitedHealthcare has a good reputation overall. They specialize in assisting those who are on Medicare. While LASIK isn’t covered under the plans, members can get a discount when they work with partnered providers in Utah. 


VSP has one of the largest provider networks, and they offer coverage to Utah residents. Affordable plans are available for members that include comprehensive annual exams and coverage for corrective lenses. VSP plans start at around $13 per month. 

There is no waiting period with VSP. If you sign up today, you can start using your benefits in Utah right away.


EyeMed has a large network of resources. They have partnered with LensCrafters and Pearle Vision to provide members with tons of stylish options for frames. 

Vision insurance with EyeMed starts at $5 a month for their lowest plan level. The highest plan is priced at around $30 per month. They also offer a mid-level plan for about $17.50 per month.

If you have an EyeMed plan, you’ll want to stick with in-network providers in Utah to enjoy the greatest discounts.

Davis Vision

Davis Vision has good coverage for corrective lenses, including both glasses and contacts. Davis Vision has a large network of private practice providers and partners with national retailers. 

The Davis Vision Designer Plan gives its members 100% coverage on annual eye exams. Their coverage also comes with a 1-year breakage warranty for lenses and frames.

Plans provided by Davis Vision offer up to $130 in frame allowance for in-network providers. They also offer a $180 frame allowance for connected Visionworks locations.

Does Utah Vision Insurance Cover LASIK?

LASIK is considered an elective procedure, and other means of vision correction can usually address the issue, such as glasses or contacts. As a result, vision insurance does not usually cover LASIK.

Still, many vision insurance providers in Utah offer their members steep discounts on LASIK when they work with preferred providers. Some plans even offer up to $1,000 off the procedure for each eye. 

Medicare or Medicaid Coverage in Utah

Medicare and Medicaid are limited in their coverage for vision. 

Medicare and Medicaid plans generally do not cover the cost of eye exams, eyeglasses, or contact lenses. Original Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover routine eye exams. However, Medicare Advantage plans do cover the cost of routine eye exams.

Medicare Part B will cover the cost of eyeglasses or contacts following cataract surgery, but you must use a supplier enrolled in Medicare. 

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) offers vision insurance plans. All plans for children include vision coverage, but only some plans for adults do.

The federal health insurance marketplace (at HealthCare.gov) can be used to compare vision plans that are available in Utah. Users can also process their enrollment online.

Premium CostCoverage AmountsEligibility
VSP$13 $150 allowance for contacts and framesYear-round enrollment
UnitedHealthcarePlan A: $11Plan B: $15$10 copay/$150 allowance for contacts and framesAny age covered
EyeMed$5–$30$10–$25 copay/$100 frame allowanceAny age covered
Davis Vision$10–$35$10–$25 copayAny age covered


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