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Mail Handlers Benefit Plan (MHBP) Vision Insurance: Plans, Coverage & Costs

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MHBP vision coverage is fairly competitive, with only a small copay for yearly exams and lenses and a fairly large discount on LASIK eye surgery. It’s an option worth considering for mail handlers, especially because you don’t necessarily need to be enrolled in an MHBP health plan to enroll in their vision plan.

Vision Insurance Plan Offered

The Mail Handlers Benefit Plan (MHBP) can be expanded with a vision plan, which includes a number of in-network and out-of-network benefits that make it worth considering. You also don’t necessarily have to enroll in an MHBP medical plan if you want the available vision benefits but don’t need their medical benefits.

What Does It Cover?

The MHBP Federal Employee Vision Insurance Plan covers the following:

  • Yearly eye exams and lenses for a copayment of $10
  • $120 for frames ever 24 months or for contact lenses every 12 months
  • Discounted rates for laser vision correction

For lenses, you can expect full coverage for single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses. Extra options may still add to your total cost.

They can provide coverage for the services of out-of-network providers, although the process is somewhat more complex. Copays will still apply, and you will generally pay more out-of-pocket. You are also required to pay in full upfront to these providers and then submit a claim to get partially reimbursed later.

LASIK & Refractive Surgery Coverage

An MHBP vision plan can allow you to take advantage of their EyeMed Vision Discount Program. Some notable benefits this gives you access to include a discount of $800 on LASIK surgery, plus a free LASIK exam and a special deal with the U.S. Laser Network, where you can receive 15 percent off the standard price or 5 percent off the promotional price at all network providers.

This discount program is worth reading about even if you’re not interested in eye surgery, as it also offers some other notable deals, such as special discounts with participating providers on exams and eyewear.


An MHBP vision plan costs about $8.60/month or $16/month for a family plan. 

Routine eye exams and getting lenses, with frames, requires a $10 copay. Every two years, you can get your choice of frames for up to $120. There is also a yearly $120 allowance if you instead want contact lenses. This amount goes toward lenses, a fitting, and an evaluation exam, with additional costs potentially coming out-of-pocket.


Eligibility for an MHBP plan is fairly straightforward. This is a plan available to federal employees involved in post handling. We recommend clicking on that link if you want more information or calling 1-800-410-7778, where you can talk with a representative and ask questions directly about the enrollment process.

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