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What Eyecare (Including LASIK) Does Spectera Vision Cover?

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Spectera Vision Insurance offers comprehensive vision coverage for individuals and their dependents. Services covered by Spectera Vision include:

  • Eye exams
  • Frame benefits
  • Contact lens benefits
  • Additional glasses
  • Lens upgrades

Keep reading as we go into depth on Spectera Vision Insurance and all of its benefits.

The exact services covered by Spectera vary by plan, though all coverage is meant to be comprehensive and provide a number of benefits to Spectera members.

An annual eye exam is the cornerstone of every Spectera vision plan. The Spectera eye exam provides detection, monitoring, and treatment of any vision problems.

Spectera does not provide full coverage for laser eye surgery, though it does grant access to the Laser Vision Network of America, along with member discounts.

The costs of Spectera vision plans vary by plan, so you need to verify your specific vision coverage. The cost of your plan goes toward services, such as member benefits and provider access and choice.

Spectera is proud to offer a nationwide network of eye care providers and retail locations to serve your eye care needs. Through this large network, you can likely find vision services when and where you need them.

Spectera Vision Insurance

Spectera Vision Insurance is owned and operated by UnitedHealthcare. They offer comprehensive vision plans that cover vision needs, ranging from eye exams to glasses and contact lenses.

The goal of Spectera is to provide coverage that makes vision care accessible, affordable, and efficient. The company aims to help its customers save time and money on vision care by finding eye care where and when they need it.

What Is Covered by Spectera?

Spectera vision plans cover a variety of vision services. Services offered include:

  • Eye exams. An annual eye exam (minus the copay) is covered to assess for any vision problems.
  • Frame benefits. Money from your plan can be used to purchase frames from in-network providers.
  • Contact lens benefits. The cost of contact lenses, a fitting, and two follow-up visits is covered (after your copay).
  • Additional glasses. Discounts are offered on extra pairs of eyeglasses you purchase.
  • Lens upgrades. Many lens options are offered for up to 40 percent off, if they are not covered entirely by your plan.

Spectera vision coverage offers a number of supplementary benefits for network members. Some of these discounts include:

Spectera Eye Exam

Part of every Spectera vision coverage plan is an annual exam aimed at detecting and monitoring eye problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 11 million people living in the United States could have improved vision with the help of proper refractive correction.

Approximately 61 million Americans are at high risk for severe vision loss, but only half of these people report visiting an eye doctor within the past year. Early detection and treatment of vision problems, explains the CDC, are the most effective and affordable approaches to vision care.

To address the need for regular vision care, Spectera offers the Eye Exam Early Detection program. Through annual exams covered by Spectera, eye doctors can assess for:

  • Vision disorders.
  • Eye muscle coordination.
  • Eye diseases.
  • Early warning signs of other health conditions.
  • By getting regular vision exams, problems can be detected early and treated before they develop into more serious conditions.
woman receiving glasses in front of eye exam

Does Spectera Cover Eye Surgery or LASIK?

Spectera Vision coverage provides you access to the Laser Vision Network of America, which is also owned and operated by UnitedHealthcare. Through your Spectera vision plan, you are eligible for discounted laser vision correction procedures, including LASIK. The entire cost of these procedures is not likely to be covered, though your vision plan should help make them much more affordable.

A membership with the Laser Vision Network of America gives you access to over 550 locations across the country that offer laser vision eye surgeries and LASIK. Members and their dependents get a variety of benefits, depending on the provider you choose, such as:

  • A free LASIK eye exam.
  • 15 percent off standard prices.
  • 5 percent off promo prices.
  • Lifetime enhancements.

If you don’t achieve the desired results following LASIK, all in-network providers are required to make enhancements or retreatments as necessary for at least the first year following your procedure. There are no benefits given when out-of-network providers are used.

Cost of Coverage

woman calculating cost

The exact cost of vision coverage varies depending on your specific plan. Each plan typically comes with a copayment and allowance. With the copay, the patient pays a predetermined amount for each eye exam or pair of glasses or contact lenses they buy. The set allowance can be used to help pay for glasses frames and contact lenses.

Spectera prides itself on providing vision plans that offer significant cost savings and excellent member benefits. The cost of your vision coverage goes toward:

  • Clear benefits and values.
  • Provider access and choice.
  • High-quality eye care.
  • Eyewear choice and value.
  • Convenient customer service.

Retail Locations

Those covered by a Spectera vision plan can take advantage of their coverage at many local and national retail locations. These retailers are included in the Spectera vision network:

  • Walmart Vision Center
  • Costco
  • Visionworks
  • America’s Best: Contacts & Eyeglasses
  • For Eyes
  • Eyeglass World
  • Sam’s Club Optical

In addition to visiting the above stores in person, you can save money by ordering contact lenses online and taking advantage of specific lens discounts, such as progressives or tints. Not all providers and locations offer the same discounts, so it is important to check with your local provider before placing an order.


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