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Kaiser Vision Insurance: Plans, Coverage & Costs

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Kaiser Permanente does not focus on vision plans but works in conjunction with other companies that can provide vision coverage for an additional cost. While LASIK surgery is available through Kaiser, it is not covered as part of any of its plans.

Kaiser also offers a traditional Medicare and a special needs Medicare plan that has a small vision component. With this plan, you can pay an additional fee to gain a higher two-year vision budget.

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Kaiser Vision Insurance Plans

Kaiser Permanente works in conjunction with several companies to offer some vision packages at rates comparable to other companies. Kaiser also offers Medicare Advantage plans, of which vision is a component.

What Does Kaiser Cover for Vision?

The Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage plan offers a limited $40 every two years toward glasses or contact lenses. An extra $16 a month improves the plan, including adding another $280 of annual vision credit.

As a Medicare plan, Kaiser will provide Evidence of Coverage (EOC), a document that explains the basics of your plan, including these specifics:

  • What it covers
  • Its costs
  • Any additional relevant details

This information should also be available online or over the phone for any insurance plan you sign up for.

The various companies Kaiser works with can offer more vision-focused options, such as the Hybrid Affinity – Exam Plus Plan, which allows for a yearly eye exam at a $15 copay and discounts on glasses.

Some available plans have set price points for frames, lenses, and contacts below a certain price. Above that price, you pay a certain amount and then an additional percentage of the total cost. Some plans allow you to choose an option, such as an anti-scratch coating, for free or at a reduced cost.

The majority of plans are designed with the expectation that you get one eye exam and pair of glasses per year for free or at a significantly reduced rate.

Does Kaiser Cover LASIK?

At Kaiser Permanente, LASIK eye surgery is considered an elective procedure and is therefore not typically covered under our health plans. This is a common practice among many insurance providers as LASIK is often seen as a cosmetic or corrective option, not a medically necessary procedure.

While LASIK surgery might not be covered under the insurance plans, it is still available to Kaiser Permanente members as a fee-for-service procedure. This means that the procedure can be performed for an additional out-of-pocket cost, separate from the health insurance coverage.

Kaiser-Affiliated Vision Plan Costs

For those who qualify, the Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Medicare plan has a $0 premium, although the additional $16 a month is likely needed to meaningfully use the vision component of the plan.

The vision plans from companies working in conjunction with Kaiser can range in price from about $7 to $25 for participant plans and $13 to $50 for family plans. Going through a broker may result in a one-time processing fee.

Eligibility for Vision Insurance

Kaiser offers a number of tools to make finding plans you qualify for easier, but their core site is not vision-focused. This can make it more difficult to find information on their vision plan partners than their standard offerings. Luckily, eligibility for Medicare plans is fairly straightforward, and you can learn more about it through government resources.

Most broker sites have tools that allow you to put in your zip code and quickly see plans you may qualify for (as does Kaiser’s main site, but it doesn’t have vision plans listed). Kaiser primarily operates in California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, the Mid-Atlantic, and Washington.


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