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Argo Vision Insurance: Plans, Coverage & Costs

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Argo vision insurance offers insurance policies for corporations, nonprofits, government establishments, school districts, partnerships, individuals, and families.

They understand that in today’s modern world we use our eyes a lot, especially due to the digital age and our constant viewing of screenings. With the knowledge of the strain we often put our eyes through, they offer plans that help to protect eye health and vision.

Vision Care Offered Through Argo

Instead of offering plans through their network, Argo works with other vision insurance companies and utilizes their health plans. One interesting aspect of their insurance is that they offer temporary health insurance plans, which can be very helpful in emergency situations.

Argo Insurance works with many major medical plans, including plans offered because of the Affordable Care Act. The company’s main goal is to offer vision care that fits each person’s individual needs.

What Does Argo Cover?

Since Argo offers a wide range of coverage, it is really up to employers to determine the kind of vision coverage they are going to make available to employees.

Plans generally include routine eye exams, covering some of the cost for glasses or prescription contacts. There is generally an annual limit to the allowances given for corrective lenses, and some plans require a copay for this coverage to kick in.

In order to get the best coverage for your employees, Argo asks that you schedule a one-on-one call to get a quote.

LASIK & Refractive Surgery Coverage

Most vision insurance plans do not cover LASIK or laser surgery to correct refractive errors. These types of procedures are generally considered elective and not medically necessary.

While it’s unlikely that a group vision plan will fully cover the cost of LASIK, many plans offer discount programs where plan participants can enjoy substantial discounts on the cost of surgery if they work with one of the program’s preferred surgeons or clinics.

Talk to a representative from Argo about your goals. They can help you determine which plan works best for both your short-term and long-term vision goals.

If you already have a plan, check the specifics to see what is offered.

Costs & Eligibility

The cost of your vision insurance plan will vary depending on your location, employer’s offerings, and level of desired coverage.

Higher-tier plans tend to offer higher allowances for corrective lenses, but they generally cost more on a monthly basis. Conversely, plans with less expensive monthly premiums generally offer lower levels of coverage. They may not even offer allowances for corrective lenses, but only discounts.

For group vision insurance plans, reach out to your employer’s HR contact to get an idea of what you can expect to pay out of pocket each month for vision coverage. You can also contact Argo directly through their site.


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