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Vision Insurance Providers in Arizona

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Vision insurance and vision care are often overlooked when compared to medical and dental insurance. Vision insurance isn’t just important for those with refractive errors or other vision issues. It’s important for everyone, as solid eye care is essential to overall health.

If you live in Arizona, you have various vision insurance providers to choose from. Some are offered through employers, and some offer individual or family plans. Below, we go over some of the top vision insurance providers in Arizona in detail.

What Are the Major Vision Insurance Providers in Arizona?

There are many vision insurance providers in Arizona. Top options include VSP, EyeMed, and Davis Vision.


VSP is a well-known name in vision insurance, offering plans across the country, including in Arizona. Members have access to a large network of specialists. Affordable plans start at $13 per month and generally include comprehensive annual exams where members can get prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses.

VSP also provides coverage for corrective eyewear, giving a $150 allowance for glasses or contacts.  


UnitedHealthcare offers an Arizona Medicaid Plan to its members. Learn if you qualify here.

With UnitedHealthcare, basic plans begin at $11 per month. Their Plan B covers both contact lenses as well as glasses, and it is priced a bit higher at $15 per month. Both plans have a copay of $10 with a $150 allowance for frames. 


Humana has a user-friendly process, making it easy for members to make use of their benefits. Their vision plan is called Humana Vision Plus.

Humana partners with EyeMed, which is one of the largest vision providers in the country. Single plans begin at $16 per month per person. 

Humana also offers steep discounts for various add-ons for glasses, such as UV protection and tinting. Members can enjoy discounts on LASIK.


EyeMed offers different tiers of plans. Vision insurance begins at $5 a month with their EyeMed Healthy plan. Their EyeMed Bold plan costs $17.50 per month, while their highest plan, EyeMed Bright, costs $30 per month.  

All plans include an annual comprehensive eye exam as well as discounts on corrective lenses, such as glasses and contacts.

Will Vision Insurance Cover LASIK?

Generally, vision insurance will not cover LASIK or refractive surgery. But many vision insurance providers offer LASIK discount plans where members can receive substantial discounts if they use a preferred provider. 

VSPPlans start at $13 per month$150 allowance for contacts and framesYear-round enrollment
UnitedHealthcarePlan A: $11Plan B: $15$10 copay/$150 allowance for contacts and framesAny age covered
Humana$16 per month$25 copay/$150 frame allowanceAny age covered
EyeMed$5–$30 per month$10–$60 copay/$100 frame allowanceAny age covered

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