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What Eyecare (Including LASIK) Does Davis Vision Cover?

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Davis Vision is a comprehensive vision insurance policy. It covers basic refractive error management, as well as more testing and treatment for more eye conditions.

In addition to basic annual eye care, they cover additional eye tests, offer a special collection of glasses frames, and feature more contact lens and glasses lens options. Davis Vision also discounts LASIK, along with some other types of refractive surgery, unlike other vision plans.

Regular low vision exams are covered to catch problems or significant changes, so you can manage these issues better. If you need other treatment, like diabetes help or hearing treatment, Davis can add these alongside your vision plan.

Monthly Costs

You can become a member of Davis Vision by subscribing to one of its eye care plans, including the Essential plan, Classic plan and Premier plan.

  • Essential Plan: Starting from $12.50 per month, the plan that guarantees an allowance of up to $125 on frames.
  • Classic Plan: Cost is $20.62 a month, and the frame benefit allowance is $150.
  • Premier plan: Costs about $22.50 a month and provides an allowance of up to $200 on frames.

Typically, all the plans cover the lenses in full and a $15 eye exam. Davis Vision has its collection of glasses that usually go for as low as $40 and have a breakage warranty included. The Exclusive Collection features on-trend frames with retail price tags of about $195. As a Davis Vision member, you will not pay more than $40 for any frame you select. Some are fully covered by the insurance.

From eye exams, contact lenses, eyeglasses to LASIK discount, you can sign up for the individual Davis Vision plans via Superior Vision. Davis Vision provides LASIK surgery through a Qualsight network of professionals. You can receive either a LASIK discount or an allowance, depending on the plan you pick.

Davis Vision: Focusing on Your Eyes’ Health

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With a record of more than 50 years in providing comprehensive vision benefits, Davis Vision boasts 110,000+ points of access across the country. This allows members to receive eye care from top qualified professionals and purchase eyewear from reputable retailers of their choice.

With several plan options through employers and for individuals and families, you can get secure quality coverage that meets your family’s needs.

Each plan fully covers the cost of eyewear, helps you find preferred pricing for other treatment options and offers specific glasses frames that non-members cannot access. You can get significant discounts on LASIK and follow-up procedures, too, so you can manage your vision improvements in ways that work best for you.

What Does Davis Vision Cover?

Davis Vision offers plans that cover many additional tests and eyewear, so you have vision coverage for more than just your basic needs. While almost all vision policies cover an annual eye exam, for example, Davis Vision covers additional tests, like slit lamp and eye dilation, so you can have your entire eye examined, not just your refractive error.

Covered treatments include:

Eye Exams

One full eye exam per year is covered through Davis Vision. There is no copay, so you pay nothing when you use this insurance provider. If you work with an out-of-network optometrist or ophthalmologist, you will pay out of pocket.

Eye Exam with Dilation

If your optometrist orders dilation, slip lamp testing, retinal scans or other forms of eye exams to diagnose glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and other eye diseases, these are also fully covered in-network. The plan reimburses members up to $40 for these tests by an out-of-network provider.

Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting

Contact lenses are a simple way to get great vision clarity without wearing frames on your face. However, it is important to have new lenses fitted to your eyes for optimal comfort. Have an optometrist evaluate your eye health and fit you for contacts. This will better keep your eyes comfortable and reduce itchiness, dry eyes, and inflammation. These fittings, along with follow-up care, are covered with a $10 copay.

Prescription lenses are covered with a $10 copay every year if you do not get contact lenses. You also get great frame options each year, with your non-Davis Vision collection allowance starting at $130 for in-network providers, or $180 for VisionWorks locations, and a 20 percent discount on any cost you incur after the allowance. If you choose Davis Vision Frames Collection, both the Fashion and Designer level frames are covered in full. The Premier level has a $25 copay.

Lenses and Lens Options

Lenses and Lens Options
You can choose between a pair of glasses or a set of contact lenses each year. If you choose prescription lenses, these are covered in full, and special tints are also covered. These tints include:

  • Tinting for computers or bright light.
  • Scratch resistant coating.
  • Ultraviolet light coating, which has a $12 copay.
  • Anti-reflective coating, which starts at a $35 copay.
  • Progressive lenses, which start at $50.
  • High-index lenses, which are $55.
  • Polarized lenses, which are $75.
  • Photochromatic lenses, which are $65.

Davis Vision also provides a generous one-year breakage warranty, so you get replacement glasses if and when you need them.

Contact Lenses

Medically necessary contacts are covered. Collection lenses, which are covered if you choose these in place of glasses, can be either:

  • Four boxes of disposable lenses.
  • Two boxes of planned replacement lenses.

If you need replacement contact lenses, mail ordering them offers the greatest convenience and savings.

Davis Vision Offers Great LASIK Discounts

Davis Vision acknowledges that the cost of LASIK has gone up over the years, although more people are choosing this as an option over glasses and contact lenses. To help more of their policyholders, Davis Vision works with LASIK providers around the country.

While the cost for traditional LASIK surgery averages about $1,677 per eye, the Davis Vision member price is less than $1,000. Davis Vision also offers discounts on other refractive surgeries, such as:

Custom LASIK.
All-laser LASIK.
Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK).

Low Vision Treatment Coverage Through Davis Vision

woman undergoing lasik procedure

While most vision insurance policies cover basic eye exams and treatment, they do not cover exams for more significant eye diseases. Davis Vision provides coverage for other types of eye testing, which can be included during your routine eye exam, like pressure tests for glaucoma or slit lamp tests to examine your retinal health.

Davis Vision also offers some low vision coverage. This can help to catch this condition early, so you can begin an appropriate treatment plan. Low vision treatment includes:

  • Low vision evaluation once every five years, with a maximum charge of $300. This exam looks at your hand-eye coordination, depth perception, distance and clarity of vision, contrast perception, and other crucial components of your sight.
  • Low vision aid, with a $600 allowance or a lifetime maximum of $1,200. This covers devices to improve low vision like high-powered spectacles, magnifiers, or telescopes.
  • Follow-up low vision care, which covers four visits over a five-year period, charging no more than $100 per visit.

A Comprehensive Vision Plan With More Options

Davis Vision also provides further health treatments that impact your quality of life, like hearing health, fitness support, and diabetes management. While the plan may have similar or slightly higher costs compared to other vision plans, Davis Vision covers a much wider range of vision services and needs, so you can get the comprehensive treatment for various eye conditions, ranging from mild nearsightedness to serious vision loss.

If you’re interested in a Davis Vision plan, you can contact their customer service department. A representative can outline your coverage options and help you choose the best plan for your situation.

You can also talk to a rep about your options for laser eye surgery coverage, including LASIK. Even if the procedure is not fully covered, you can still usually get significant discounts when you use your Davis Vision plan.


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