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Vision Insurance Providers in Oregon

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Vision insurance can save Oregon residents money on routine eye exams and corrective eyewear.

Vision insurance is typically separate from health insurance and will often be with a completely different provider. Providers, plans, and coverage options can vary based on where you live. 

In Oregon, the following providers offer vision insurance:

  • Health Net Vision
  • VSP
  • EyeMed
  • UnitedHealthcare

Medicare can also offer vision benefits through the Oregon Health Plan. 

Health Net Vision

Vision plans through Health Net are services through Envolve Vision. Routine eye exams are usually covered with a low copay, and pricing will depend on your plan and your location. 

Health Net allows you to choose between a wide range of providers, including online options, all LensCrafters locations, and independent provider options. You are able to see both in-network and out-of-network providers.

Basic single, bifocal, or trifocal lenses are covered in full (either with a low or no copay), and you are able to choose between any frames on hand at the provider location. Typically, there is an allowance on frames, and any costs over the allowance will be discounted. Contact lenses are also often available, with an allowance once every 24 months. 

Health Net Vision is a PPO (preferred provider organization) type of health plan. You can also get LASIK or PRK surgery at a discount of 5% to 15% through U.S. Laser Network.

Health Net plans are often offered through your employer. Talk to your employer about enrolling through a group plan and eligibility information.


In Oregon, you have the ability to purchase individual or family vision plans through VSP based on your zip code. 

The Standard plan starts at $13 a month, while the EasyOptions plan starts at $24.54 a month. Both have a low routine exam copay of $15, and a basic lens copay of $25. The frame or contact allowance for the Standard plan is $150, while you can choose to upgrade this $80 to a $230 allowance with the EasyOptions plan. Additionally, you will save 20% on costs over your allowance on frames.

You can also receive a 15% discount on LASIK and refractive surgery costs or 5% off promotional prices through contracted facilities. To enroll, enter your zip code on the website to see plan options. 

You can be eligible for coverage as soon as you enroll and make your first payment. There are no waiting periods.


There are three main EyeMed vision plans to choose from in Oregon:

  • EyeMed Healthy: Starting at $5 per month, a routine comprehensive eye exam is covered after a copay. For eyeglass lenses, frames, and contact lenses, discounts apply. There are also discounts available and out-of-network benefits.
  • EyeMed Bold: Starting at $17.50 a month, a comprehensive routine eye exam is covered after a copay as are eyeglass lenses. For frames and contact lenses, there is a covered allowance. There are also discounts available and out-of-network benefits.
  • EyeMed Bright: Starting at $30 a month, the comprehensive eye exam is covered after a copay. Single, bifocal, or trifocal eyeglass lenses are covered after a copay, and there is a higher allowance for eyeglass frames and contact lenses. There are also discounts available and out-of-network benefits.

All plans may offer discounts on LASIK surgery. 

To enroll, get a quote from EyeMed online. You are able to choose the date you want your coverage to start and when eligibility for benefits will begin.


In Oregon, UnitedHealthcare offers two different vision plans: Vision Plan A and Vision Plan B. 

With Plan A, you will choose if you want coverage for either glasses or contacts. Premiums start at $10.40 a month, and exams with an in-network provider are covered with a $10 copay once every 12 months. Eyeglass lenses are also covered with a $10 copay. For eyeglass frames, you have an allowance of up to $150. 

If you choose contact lenses instead of glasses, select lenses are covered in full. For non-select contacts, you have an allowance of up to $125. 

For Plan B, monthly premiums start at $14.30, and coverage is similar to Plan A except that you can choose both contact lenses and eyeglasses with the same allowances. There are no waiting periods, and you are eligible for vision benefits through UnitedHealthcare right away. You are also able to receive discounts on LASIK surgery through QualSight LASIK. 

To enroll, enter your zip code on the website to see local plan options, get a quote, and select your plan.

Medicare – Oregon Health Plan

Oregon’s Medicaid program is the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) for eligible individuals. To qualify for OHP, you will need to meet residency and income requirements. Age and disability status can also qualify you for benefits. 

To find out if you are eligible and to enroll, you will need to apply for OHP and then enroll in your plan once accepted. 

Coverage for glasses and contact lenses through OHP are provided as follows:

  • Individuals under age 21
  • Pregnant adults ages 21 and older
  • Adults under Citizenship Waived Medical Plus (CWX) plans
  • For OHP Plus beneficiaries ages 21 and older who are not pregnant, glasses and contacts are covered for specific medical conditions only

Eye exams are covered for medical conditions and refractive errors once every 24 months for OHP Plus beneficiaries. Laser and corrective refractive surgeries are not covered, and you must use an OHP contracted provider for covered vision services.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA), often referred to as Obamacare, increased access to affordable health insurance for more individuals. This set up online marketplaces in each state to compare plans and purchase health insurance. 

In Oregon, you can find coverage options, including vision coverage, through the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace. To find vision coverage, you will first need to fill out the questionnaire to determine what type of coverage you will need and who is looking for coverage. 

Comparison of Oregon Vision Providers

Here is a comparison at a glance of Oregon vision providers:

ProviderAnnual Eye ExamLensesFramesContactsChoice of ProviderRefractive Surgery
Health Net VisionCovered with a low copay based on the planBasic lenses covered with a minimal or $0 copayChoice of any frames from provider locations, typically with an allowance and then a discount for costs above the allowanceGenerally, a $100 allowance and a 15% discount for costs above the allowanceWide network of providers, including LensCrafter locations, independent providers, and online options as well as the ability to see out-of-network providersDiscounts of 5% to 15% on LASIK and PRK from U.S. Laser Network
VSPExam covered with a $15 copayBasic lenses covered with a $25 copayFrame allowance of $150–$230 with a 20% discount on costs over the allowanceContact allowance the same as eyeglass frames based on your planLarge doctor network; you can see out of network providers and receive some reimbursement, but costs will be higherDiscounts of 15% on standard laser surgery pricing or 5% off promotional pricing through contracted facilities
EyeMedCovered after a low copayMost plans cover lenses after a copayMost plans have frame allowancesMost plans have contact lens allowancesLarge network of in-network providers with the ability to see out-of-network providers for higher costsDiscounts often available for LASIK surgery
UnitedHealthcareCovered with a $10 copay with an in-network providerCovered with a $10 copay with an in-network providerCovered with an allowance of up to $150 Selection contacts are covered in full, while non-selection contacts have an allowance of up to $150 in place of glasses for Plan A or in addition to with Plan BYou are able to choose your provider, but out-of-network providers will have higher associated costsDiscounts on LASIK available through QualSight LASIK
Oregon Health PlanCovered for medical conditions, and OHP Plus covers exams for refractive errorsOHP Plus covers glasses when medically necessary for those 21 and older; pregnant women, beneficiaries under 21, and CWX adults are coveredOHP Plus covers glasses when medically necessary for those 21 and older; pregnant women, beneficiaries under 21, and CWX adults are coveredOHP Plus covers glasses when medically necessary for those 21 and older; pregnant women, beneficiaries under 21, and CWX adults are coveredYou must use a provider that accepts OHP Not covered


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