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CareFirst Vision Insurance: Plans, Coverage & Costs

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CareFirst offers a number of different insurance plans, all or most of which come with some level of vision coverage. Their vision coverage seems to be fairly competitive, with some coverage for laser eye surgery.

Vision Insurance Plans Offered

CareFirst offers a variety of ACA-compliant insurance plans, all of which come with vision benefits offered through Davis Vision. They have plans available for those living in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

In addition to individual and family plans, they also offer Medicaid plans, Medicare plans, and student health plans. 

What Does It Cover?

While it’s important to always check the specific explanation of benefits provided with the insurance plan you sign up for, CareFirst plans will generally cover routine eye exams and basic corrective eyewear costs. They can also (usually) cover some of the cost of laser eye surgery.

This level of coverage is fairly competitive, especially the laser eye surgery coverage. While it’s important to explore all your options and compare the benefits of different plans available to you, CareFirst is definitely worth considering in terms of vision and health coverage.

LASIK & Refractive Surgery Coverage

CareFirst health plans include basic eye care coverage that includes at least some coverage for laser vision correction surgeries. While cost coverage is discussed more in the next section, you can typically expect your plan to cover about 30 percent of the cost of laser vision correction surgery, so long as you use a relevant provider. 

Notably, some in-network providers in Maryland and Virginia don’t provide these discounts, so always check with a care provider and CareFirst regarding your coverage to make sure you’re going to pay the cost you expect.


CareFirst plans generally follow the ACA metal levels in structure, which affects the coinsurance you will pay for care once you’ve met your deductible. These levels are as follows:

  • Bronze / coinsurance: 40%
  • Silver / coinsurance: 30%
  • Gold / coinsurance: 20%

CareFirst offers platinum-grade plans, which have the lowest coinsurance rates, but only in Washington, D.C. They also have some catastrophic-level plans, which have coinsurance rates higher than those at the bronze levels. 

Every CareFirst plan includes basic eye care benefits, again offered through Davis Vision. These benefits differ for those covered who are under 19 versus those ages 19 and over. 

Benefits for those under 19 include the following:

  • One in-network routine examination per calendar year at no charge
  • Up to $40 reimbursement per calendar year for exams that are out of network
  • Basic lenses and frames for glasses require no copay 
  • Contact lenses from their in-network Davis Vision collection for no copay
  • Up to $40 reimbursement for single-vision lenses 
  • Up to $70 reimbursement for frames from an out-of-network provider

Benefits for those over 19 include the following:

  • One in-network routine examination per calendar year at no charge
  • Up to $40 reimbursement per calendar year for exams that are out of network
  • Discounts of approximately 30% on laser vision correction surgery, scratch-resistant lens coating, progressive lenses, eyeglass lenses and frames, and contacts
  • When you see a Davis Vision provider, there are no claims that need to be filed


If you want to look through the plans you’re eligible for, we suggest using CareFirst’s search tool. This tool allows you to put in your location and some key details about you and anyone in your family you also want coverage for. Then, they will show you the plans relevant to you. 

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