Laser Blepharoplasty

Laser blepharoplasty eye surgery, also known as laser eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure to rejuvenate eyelid tissues (skin, muscle, or fat). Blepharoplasty is performed for both cosmetic and vision correction purposes.

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If you are interested in eyelid rejuvenation, we are happy to review your treatment options with you. Your blepharoplasty procedure will be performed in one of our practice operating rooms. We use a state-of-the-art, high energy CO2 laser to help keep your recovery period as short as possible. Recovery from blepharoplasty generally takes two to three weeks.

Common Questions About Blepharoplasty
  • We tend to understand eyes better than general plastic surgeons, and have more respect and understanding of the importance of the function of the eyelids as related to your eyes and vision.
    We often express to our patients, “the eyelids are the windshield wipers to your eyes, and we need to respect the importance of preserving that function.”

  • As we mature, the delicate skin around the eyes can appear puffy, saggy, or droopy. Our eyelid skin stretches and the muscles around the eyes weaken. Not only will this natural aging process affect how your eyes look, it can also affect your general vision, making it harder to do the things you love.

  • Most surgery centers utilize the scalpel method, leading to more bruising and swelling. We utilize the CO2 laser; an advantage because:

    • The laser provides unparalleled precision
    • The laser cauterizes blood vessels along the way, giving the surgeon improved visibility into the aesthetics of the procedure
    • Significantly less bruising because the blood vessels are more effectively cauterized and healing begins immediately

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