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Boston Vision is a private academic practice which is at the forefront of patient service and eyecare. Patients can be sure of our dedication to research, education, and innovation by reading our findings in medical journals and textbooks from our experimental studies, as well as successful surgical breakthroughs. We make sure to create a space at our Brookline location that provides the highest level of patient satisfaction. This is done by measuring and tracking surgical outcomes, any complications, patient flow, the wait times, and check the overall experience that each patient had.

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LASIK is a life-changing procedure with many advantages:

  • Safe - One of the safest elective procedures available and most patients are back to their routine in only one or two days.
  • Saves Money – Often saves tens of thousands of dollars on glasses and contacts over a lifetime.
  • Fast – LASIK procedures typically last only a few minutes.

Boston LASIK Surgery - Boston Vision

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Boston Vision
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Samir Melki, MD, PHD head shot
Samir Melki, MD, PHD

Founder & Ophthalmic Surgeon

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Jason Brenner, MD

Ophthalmic Surgeon

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Vinny Keshav, MD, MS

Ophthalmic Surgeon

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