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Pterygium Surgery

Although pterygium, or surfer’s eye, is generally not a serious condition, it can cause astigmatism, eye redness, and irritation. In these cases, pterygium surgery may be needed. Schedule a consultation and find out how you can address surfer’s eye.

Pterygium Surgery: Treating Surfer’s Eye

Also known as surfer’s eye, pterygium is a growth on the cornea, the window of the eye. Not typically a serious condition, it does however have the potential to distort your vision—if it approaches the pupil center—by altering the surface of your cornea, leading to astigmatism. Pterygium also causes eye redness and irritation.

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A Pterygium (surfer’s eye) is a growth that starts on the clear tissue of the eye (conjunctiva) and spreads over the cornea, the crystal clear window of the eye that covers the colored part of the eye (iris). It is more common in people who spend a lot of time in the sun. It may cause irritation and possibly affect vision. Pterygiums can be surgically removed.

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Common Questions About Pterygium Surgery

Does pterygium require surgery?

Pterygium that causes mild irritation or eye redness, can usually be treated with steroid drops, artificial tears, or a prescribed ointment. Once the pterygium growth threatens or interferes with your vision, the pterygium must be surgically removed.

Is pterygium surgery permanent?

The technique used by NVISION surgeons significantly reduces the risk of recurrence. It can also be greatly diminished by protecting your eyes from the sun. Eye protection from dust and wind is also strongly recommended to avoid future irritation. However, there is always the possibility that the pterygium might recur.

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