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Monovision LASIK

A Popular Solution to Maintain Reading Vision

To treat presbyopia, you and your eye doctor may decide to leave one eye slightly nearsighted while correcting your other eye for distance vision. This procedure is called Monovision LASIK. With both eyes open, you’ll experience clear and comfortable vision both near and far.

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Condition Treated


People with presbyopia often notice they need more light to read, and have to hold reading material at arm’s length to focus.

Client Testimonial

“Since my surgery, I am still noticing little things that come up when I say, "Oh isn't that nice!"”

- Paul Casey, MD | NVision Surgeon
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We Promise Our Patients Peace of Mind

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During the consultation, we will ask you about your eye health history and your medications, and perform some tests. During one of the tests, your eyes will be dilated. You will then be examined by the surgeon who will discuss your treatment options. We will take the time to explain cataracts, the procedures and the available lens options.

The length of this appointment is usually two hours and your personal Patient Counselor will help you throughout the process. Your Counselor can review insurance and payment options and schedule you for surgery and related appointments, such as post-operative exams.

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Laser cataract surgery is a common and relatively painless procedure. Once your surgeon removes the cataract, an artificial lens is inserted, restoring your ability to see clearly once again.

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Following cataract surgery, you will have to wear protective glasses during the day and an eye shield at night. Antibiotics and steroid drops will be necessary. Your post-operative treatment plan will be outlined so you know what to expect, including your post-operative visit and your at-home recovery.

Common Questions About Monovision LASIK

Will the treatment for presbyopia affect my distance vision?

The majority of patients who are treated for presbyopia find that their distance vision remains or is minimally affected.

Is monovision right for me?

If you’ve been diagnosed with presbyopia, corneal inlays and monovision LASIK are both options. Most people who try monovision adapt to it well. Your NVISION surgeon will work with you to determine which solution is best for your needs based on your eye exam and visual goals.

Does the treatment for presbyopia have a similar effect as monovision contacts?

Laser vision correction for presbyopia is similar to using monovision contacts, a practice in which the contacts are fit with one eye for distance vision and one eye for close-up vision.

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