Optometrist Dr. Jon Crum's Getting LASIK! Part 1: Consultation

Posted on October 17, 2017

Dr. Jon Crum of Crum Optometric Group in Chino Hills, California, is a trusted optometrist who refers about 30 LASIK and cataract surgery patients a year. Over his 20 years of work, he has referred a total of 600 patients! Now, it’s his turn to get the clear vision he helps his patients get.

In a recent interview, he explains what his consultation process was like:

NVISION: Going in to the consultation, what were you expecting?

DR. CRUM: Having given out hundreds of referrals to patients, I knew going in to the consultation that I was a great candidate for LASIK surgery. Since my eyes’ corneal surface is thick enough for the procedure, I would be able to continue with LASIK (Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis). For those who have a thinner surface, a PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) may be a better option.

N: Describe the step-by-step of the consultation process.

D: The actual consultation was about 10-minutes and went very smoothly, flowed well, and was perfectly organized. If a patient would like to book a consultation, they can expect a stress-free process having already been screened for candidacy by an optometrist, and should have high expectations to have the procedure done.

The consultation process is painless. First, they took an eye exam and used an autorefractor, a computer-controlled machine, to confirm the prescription of my eye. They then performed a keratometry, a measurement of the corneal curvature to determine the power of the cornea. After the tests were completed, we went to an exam room where we reviewed the scans and discussed next steps. With monovision as an option, I wanted both of my eyes for distance, so I opted for LASIK in both eyes.

N: As an optometrist, your vision is key. Was the consultation what you expected?

D: I am confident in the knowledgeable staff and doctors at the NVISION center in Fullerton. All of the patients I have spoken to who have had procedures with NVISION  have reported that the process was well organized, and I felt at ease knowing I was in good hands with something as valuable as my vision.

N: With next steps being your surgery, what do you need to do to prep for it?

D: I do have to remove my toric/contact lenses 10 days ahead of the procedure to allow my eyes to adjust. A dilated eye exam by Dr. Yang of Crum Optometric Group will occur before the procedure to recheck my prescription and make sure everything is healthy and I’m ready to go!

Dr. Crum is having his LASIK surgery at 6PM on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at the NVISION Fullerton center by Dr. Franklin Lusby. Any of his patients that may be interested in LASIK are invited to come and watch this live procedure. If you are not able to attend, like and follow Crum Optemetric Group on Facebook to catch his Facebook Live event!

About Dr. Crum: Dr. Crum, OD completed his undergraduate work by gaining a Bachelor of Science degree in psycho-biology from UCLA. He attended Southern California College of Optometry where he graduated with honors. Besides keeping up to date with the latest advances in eye care, he is currently very active in many political ventures with optometry to help foster the advance of the profession.

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