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As people grow older, we can experience a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, resulting in cloudy and/or limited vision. Known as a cataract, this condition can be remedied with laser cataract surgery performed by our experienced surgeons in Camarillo. This medically necessary and common procedure removes and replaces the affected lens with a clear lens, resulting in clearer, cloud-free vision. Patients having their laser cataract surgery performed at NVISION® in Camarillo, may also be able to address their refractive issues at the same time. For patients who have nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia and/or astigmatism, we offer a variety of lifestyle lens options to customize your vision and reduce the dependence on eyeglasses. We utilize the latest tools and techniques and are dedicated to providing you with the best in patient care. Trust our team of surgeons to deliver exceptional outcomes in laser cataract surgery in Camarillo. Book your appointment for a consultation today!

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Our camarillo Surgeons

NVISION® Eye Centers have some of the most experienced, educated, and caring surgeons in the eye care industry.

John Davidson M.D. headshot
John Davidson M.D.

Dr. Davidson is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has performed more than 35,000 eye procedures. He has been performing cataract surgery since 1988 and LASIK/PRK since 1999.

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Recent Reviews NVISION® Eye Centers – cataract-surgery

I am elated with the results!

Dr. Davidson did my LASIK surgery in 2014 and I am elated with the results! I had poor night vision for about 6 months after the procedure but since then my eyes have fully healed and I have no issues at night. The staff was wonderful and the optician explained the process clearly step by step. Beautiful facility. Wonderful people. Highly recommended!

I had such an amazing experience.

I had such an amazing experience with the team at NVISION! I went in on a Wednesday for my first consultation, and decided to do the pre-op that same day! I came back a week later on Friday and had the procedure done! I was in and out of the office in an hour! Everyone was so welcoming and nice! I am so happy to have had LASIK done with NVISION! Thanks so much to the amazing team at the Camarillo office!!

I had immediate results.

I had immediate results from LASIK Surgery that took all of 5 minutes to complete. They walked me through the whole process and made me feel very comfortable the whole time and booked my accommodations for me in advance. All I had to do was show up and they handled the rest. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their vision.


Cataract Surgery

Cataract eye surgery is a very common and medically necessary procedure to remove and replace the eye’s natural lens when the vision has been clouded by a cataract. We offer laser-assisted cataract surgery and lifestyle lenses as options for our patients.

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Lifestyle Lenses

Choosing lifestyle lenses means going beyond treating your cataracts—it's making a choice to dramatically enhance your vision, and taking a step toward independence from glasses and contacts.

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Affordable Eye Care

Financing Your Cataract Surgery

Typically, cataract surgery is covered by insurance and Medicare. However, in the event that your procedure is not fully covered, or if you elect to choose an upgraded lens option as part of your treatment plan, NVISION® offers financing options to ensure that you are not inhibited by cost. Read on to learn more about CareCredit® and see how cataract surgery can be affordable.

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