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How Much Does Visian ICL Cost?

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Considering a Visian ICL procedure? The Visian ICL surgery cost typically ranges from $3,500 to $5,000 per eye, influenced by factors such as experience and location. While not usually covered by insurance, there are options to offset this investment, leading to improved eyesight and quality of life.

The cost of Visian ICL can vary from person to person, depending on several specific factors. Generally, since Visian ICL is an elective and cosmetic procedure, health and vision insurance plans do not cover it.

You can use a vision discount plan or health care spending account to offset the costs of a Visian ICL surgery. The vision care center, clinic, or surgical center where your procedure is done can discuss payment options with you.

ICL surgery can save you money on prescription eyewear and improve your quality of life. Overall, it can be well worth the investment.

Factors Influencing Cost

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The cost of the Visian ICL can range, depending on several contributing factors. These include:

  • How experienced your ophthalmologist is with the Visian ICL procedure.
  • The area you live and the geographical location of the clinic or surgical center where the surgery will be performed.
  • The specific medical facility used to perform the Visian ICL.
  • The type of implantable lens used and the level of prescription needed.

A Visian ICL procedure implants a phakic artificial lens over the eye’s existing lens to correct vision. It is more highly customized to your specific eye and prescription needs. But it is a slightly longer procedure than LASIK and has higher associated costs.

Each Visian ICL procedure and each lens is customized to the specific person; therefore, the costs can vary accordingly to a small degree. For example, if you have a high amount of astigmatism, the cost can be higher than if you needed a lens without astigmatism correction.

The cost of glasses or contacts can easily reach $5,000 to $8,000 throughout a lifetime, and these devices can be a constant daily hassle. The Visian ICL procedure is usually a one-time cost of $3,500 to $5,000 per eye.

The procedure is effective and safe. It can enhance your overall quality of life and reduce your need for corrective eyewear.

Insurance & ICL Coverage

Vision and health insurance plans do not typically provide coverage for cosmetic procedures. The Visian ICL is considered an elective surgery, so it is not deemed “medically necessary.” As a result, it usually will not be covered.

You can often use a vision discount plan to cover part of the cost of the Visian ICL procedure. These plans offer a percentage off elective and cosmetic eye surgeries, usually about 20 percent or so.

How to Offset the Cost of ICL

The Visian ICL procedure can seem like a big cost upfront, but it can have long-term benefits that outweigh the initial sticker shock. It does cost more than LASIK, but for some people, ICL is the only option and for others, it may provide better, sharper, and clearer vision.

The vision or surgical center where your Visian ICL surgery is performed can often work directly with you on cost and possible financing. They may offer payment plans or alternative methods to make the bill more manageable.

Another option is to use a health care spending account, such as an FSA (flexible spending account), HRA (health reimbursement arrangement), HSA (health savings account), or LCFSA (limited care flexible spending account).

You can contribute predetermined amounts to these accounts as a pre-tax benefit each month. Employers may contribute as well.

Depending on the account, funds may be rolled over year to year. This can give you time to build up enough money to cover your Visian ICL.

Generally, you will pay for the procedure first and then apply for a reimbursement, although some accounts allow you to use them directly to cover the costs. Check with your specific health care savings account or plan to determine the particulars of using these funds to pay for your Visian ICL.


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