A group of our NVISION team

Our Patient Care Team

The experience we provide to every patient is only possible because of the people who work at NVISION. From our surgeons to our Executive Directors to our Patient Counselors, these are the people responsible for NVISION’s gold standard service. We love what we do.

An NVISION optometrist working with a patient
Experience and Kindness

Every person you meet at NVISION is committed to improving your sight. It’s our passion and our purpose.

One of our patient care teams at an NVISION center
There For You at Every Step

Our friendly Patient Counselors are dedicated to getting to know each patient and assisting them throughout their unique journey.

Our Executive Directors

The Executive Directors of NVISION lead the care team with passion and dedication, helping to set the industry standard and ensure that our patients have the best experience possible.

Devon Ambroise, Executive Director
Devon Ambroise
Mike Bossard, Executive Director
Mike Bossard
Palm Desert
John Brunsell, Executive Director
John Brunsell
La Jolla
Dannia Casillas, Executive Director
Dannia Casillas
Las Vegas
Lauren Chapman, Executive Director
Lauren Chapman
Melinda Degarimore, Executive Director
Melinda Degarimore
Ashley Ellis, Executive Director
Ashley Ellis
Newport Beach
Elena Foster, Executive Director
Elena Foster
Foster City
Debbie Harding, Executive Director
Debbie Harding
Christy Keffeler, Executive Director
Christy Keffeler
Adriana Molina
Laguna Hills
Lisa Pulido, Executive Director
Lisa Pulido
Citrus Heights
Loren Rude, Executive Director
Dr. Loren Rude