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Oculoplastic Surgery

Surgery Around The Eye

Oculoplasty is a type of surgery performed on the areas around your eyes—eyelids, tear ducts, and eye socket—by ophthalmologists specially trained in plastic or reconstructive surgery. You may elect to undergo an oculoplastic procedure for medical or for cosmetic reasons.

Oculoplasty Overview (Ectropion)
Oculoplasty Overview (Entropion)
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If you are interested in Oculoplasty, which includes a wide range of procedures, we are happy to review your treatment options with you.

Common Questions About Oculoplasty Surgery

  • Some medical conditions commonly treated with oculoplasty include:

    • Skin cancers or other growths in or around your eyes
    • Eye problems caused by thyroid disease
    • Weakness around your eyes or eyelids caused by Bell’s palsy
    • Eyelids that turn inward (entropion) or outward (ectropion)
    • Droopy upper eyelids (ptosis)
    • Excess skin and aging changes around the eyes

    Oculoplasty can also be used to treat injuries to your eye or eye area as well as eye-related birth defects.

  • In addition to medical conditions, oculoplasty is also commonly used for cosmetic purposes, like repairing sagging or drooping eyelids (eyelid lifts) and improving the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead and between the eyes (forehead lifts).

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