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Why Choose NVISION?

The Eye Doctors' #1 Choice

NVISION Eye Centers has some of the most experienced, educated, and caring surgeons in the eye care industry. With thousands of referring eye doctors and millions of LASIK procedures completed, NVISION is The Eye Doctors’ #1 Choice.

Advanced Technology

At NVISION Eye Centers, we are one of only a few providers who provide the most advanced laser and diagnostic technology available. This includes premier technologies like Contoura® Topography-Guided LASIK, SMILE and other options to best fit your needs.


We work with every individual to make LASIK an affordable investment, providing discounts, excellent financing, usage of FSA/HSA and more. NVISION also offers our ‘Vision for Life’ commitment, assuring you save tens of thousands on glasses & contacts over your life.

0% Interest If Paid in Full within 24-months**

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Highly Rated by Our Patients

“LASIK literally changed my life!”

I met with Sierra for my consultation. She made me feel very comfortable and explained everything thoroughly. Thank you Dr. Lusby and staff for being so nice!


“Amazing team”

I had such an amazing experience with the team at NVISION! …I was in and out of the office in an hour! Everyone was so welcoming and nice! …Thanks so much to the amazing team at the Camarillo office!!


“Cannot recommend this enough!”

I had my procedure done 3 months ago and still am in shock that I do not have to take my contacts out at the end of the night. …My vision is better than I could have ever imagined! Cannot recommend this enough!


“Highly recommend NVISION”

PHENOMENAL experience from entering the office to leaving! Everybody was super nice and VERY professional. Special shoutout my man Apollo! He was my consultation expert, and man did he provide a 12/10 consultation! Would highly recommend NVISION!


Enjoy Spring with 20/20 Vision

Make this Spring your best yet, by getting Custom LASIK with NVISION® Eye Centers! Why put up with having to worry about your glasses or contacts when you can enjoy the season with 20/20 vision?

Recovery from LASIK Surgery is very quick and you could be out enjoying your vacation within days of your procedure. In fact, most people go back to the normal daily activities the day after their procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a two step procedure. In the first step, your NVISION surgeon will create a corneal flap. It is like opening a cover of a book. If the cornea was a 500-page book the flap is at about page 100. It is literally two human hairs thick. A computer guided femtosecond laser is used to create the flap precisely, which takes approximately 25 seconds. After creating the flap, a second computer guided laser is used, the Excimer laser. To correct your vision this laser removes microscopic amounts of tissue to reshape your cornea. It typically takes anywhere between two seconds and 20 seconds with most laser treatments taking less than 12 seconds. You will be asked to look at a green blinking light. NVISION lasers have extremely fast trackers that track the eye more than 1000 times a second therefore even if your eye moves the laser will track it and deliver every spot where it is supposed to be. Once the laser treatment is delivered the flap is restored to its original position and the laser procedure is complete. The whole procedure typically takes less than five minutes per eye. Even though the procedure is very easy for the patient to go through, it is a highly sophisticated procedure requiring the most advanced technology in the hands of a very experienced surgeon to give you the highest probability of getting perfect vision safely.

Is LASIK Safe?

LASIK is the most studied procedure in medicine. It is by far one of the safest procedures in medicine. In fact, LASIK surgeons are five times more likely to have had the procedure themselves than the general population. 98% of LASIK surgeons have operated on their family members. LASIK is safer than long term contact lens wear. Contact lenses, when worn for many years, increase the likelihood of developing dry eyes. Since LASIK is a one-time procedure, the chance of infection is substantially lower than wearing contact lenses for life. Every time you insert your contact lenses in your eye you have a chance of exposing your eye to the possibility of an infection.

How soon after laser surgery can I resume my normal activities?

It’s important to follow the specific plan that your surgeon will give you because each patient and each procedure is different. 

Most patients can expect this approximate timeline:

  • After 24 hours, it’s usually fine to return to work and resume normal daily activities.
  • After an exam by your doctor the next morning, most patients are cleared to resume driving.
  • By the end of the first week, patients may resume exercise and wear eye makeup.
  • Patients should wait three months to return to contact sports.

Do most people have perfect 20/20 vision after laser vision correction?

Although there is no guarantee, more than 98% of NVISION patients who receive laser vision correction surgery attain 20/20 vision with both eyes open. In fact, with CONTOURA LASIK, 68% of NVISION patients get 20/15 vision, which is better than 20/20.