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NVISION® Eye Centers Continues to Expand with Acquisition of Crystal Clear Vision™

March 24, 2016

Leading Eye Care Team Welcomes Internationally Renowned Ophthalmology Treatment Facility to Orange County

ALISO VIEJO, CA (Mar. 24, 2016)NVISION® Eye Centers, a premier U.S. provider of custom LASIK, KAMRA Inlay, cataract surgery and other vision correction procedures, is pleased to announce its official partnership with Canada-based eye care treatment facility, Crystal Clear Vision™ — which has been providing standout ophthalmology services to patients since 2012.

"We are incredibly fortunate to partner with Crystal Clear Vision," says NVISION® Eye Centers' president James Pereyra. "This groundbreaking facility, which has built an international reputation as a highly successful treatment, research and teaching mecca, displays the kind of cutting-edge initiatives NVISION® strives to embody. We look forward to benefitting from the company's legacy of passionate expertise."

Launched in 2012, Crystal Clear Vision, a state-of-the-art LASIK, KAMRA, Implant and Cataract facility, located in the boutique Yorkville area of downtown Toronto, was founded and built by highly respected industry leader, and surgeon, Dr. Jeff Machat. Crystal Clear Vision is a world-class facility with the most advanced laser and diagnostic technology, and acts as a research and educational center for visiting doctors from across the globe. Dr. Machat began pioneering laser vision correction procedures 25 years ago, including Custom LASIK, Custom All Laser LASIK, the KAMRA reading vision procedure, and numerous other major advances in laser eye surgery. Dr. Machat, who was recently announced as NVISION®'s new Chief Medical Officer, will operate at the company's Orange County, Murrieta, and San Francisco locations, while continuing his role as Medical Director in Toronto.

"I could not be more thrilled for Crystal Clear to join forces with NVISION®, and its amazing lineup of distinguished doctors and surgeons," says Dr. Machat. "I have spent my career cultivating effective treatment options in the field of eye care, and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue alongside such a prominent brand in ophthalmology."

California-based NVISION® Eye Centers has already begun to introduce Dr. Machat to its local eye care patients and incorporate Crystal Clear Vision's invaluable, time-tested techniques in the areas of LASIK, KAMRA Inlay, and cataract surgery. This recent partnership — with such a legendary name in ophthalmology — only furthers NVISION®'s commitment to help the world see more clearly.

ABOUT NVISION® EYE CENTERS: NVISION® Eye Centers is the premier provider of LASIK and cataract surgery in the U.S., with centers in California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and Toronto, Canada. An innovative leader in ophthalmology, NVISION® is dedicated to providing the best patient experience through the use of the latest technology and treatment by the most talented and experienced surgeons in the industry. NVISION® was founded in 2010 by Tom Tooma, M.D., one of the earliest pioneers of LASIK who has performed more than 100,000 procedures throughout his esteemed career. With more than 1,900 eye doctors referring their patients and trusting their own eyes to NVISION® surgeons, NVISION® Eye Centers is the Eye Doctors' #1 Choice®.

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